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Late Prince Abubakar Audu

Late Prince Abubakar Audu

Having reflected deeply on the Kogi state guber logjam the best solution out of this conundrum is a total cancellation and a fresh election conducted by INEC to elect a new governor.

The speaker of Kogi State house of assembly in the interim should act as governor at the expiration of Governor Idris Wada's tenure in January, 2016 pending when fresh election is conducted and new governor emerged.

At this juncture, a court order stopping the supplementary election scheduled for 5th December cannot be overemphasized and should be obtained by any of the political actors without delay.

This in my opinion will put an end to various agitations by all contending camps for a shortcut to victory or jackpot mandate.

The Kogi State guber logjam which was orchestrated by the sudden death of APC candidate Prince Abubakar Audu is a very dicey situation, no wonder there are avalanche line of arguments and counter-agreements or perspectives by lawyers, public affairs analysts, journalists, bloggers, Facebookers name them.

If INEC proceed with the supplementary election without a Supreme Court pronouncement on this precarious situation, whoever emerge as winner I foresee his election been nullified and a fresh election ordered by the tribunal.

In order to avoid further waste of funds, fresh election is the best antidote to this quagmire.

Finally, I call on our lawmakers to commence immediate review and amendment of our electoral acts and constitution in order to address this seemingly lacuna and other hidden and inherent unforeseen situation and circumstance that may be similar to this that may arise in future.

God bless Nigeria!

Comrade Monday Ameh





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