Biafra: British Prime Minister, Cameron Receives IPOB Petition at 10 Downing Str

Photo: British Prime Minister, Cameron has earlier received IPOB petition at 10 Downing Str

A high powered delegation of the Biafran Self-determination group has presented a petition to Office of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The Pro Biafran Independence agitators were at Number 10, Downing Street, the office of the British Prime Minister where they submitted the petition.

The group requested for a referendum from the Nigerian government for the creation of Biafra and the respect and protection of their group and individual right in line with the Geneva Conventions and related International Law of which Nigeria is a signatory.

According to sources, the group cited the recent referendum on the creation of an Independent Scotland from United Kingdom and the existing peaceful self-determination process in Spain where Catalonia plans to be a separate country. 

They further cited the self-determination process in Canada where Quebec wants a different country.

They went ahead to cite other countries that have been recently split peaceful under a proper legal process.

The petition submitted to the British House of Commons, according to Hope for Nigeria, received accelerated hearing as the foreign committee discussed elaborately.

They, thereby, mandated the British Foreign Secretary to expedite action to ensure that the Holocaust of the 1940s will not be repeated in Nigeria against the Igbo people. 

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