Fake Amnesty conditions for Boko haram in circulation


May I alert fellow Nigerians about a fake Amnesty conditions for Boko haram militants that is currently circulating on the internet just as Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday formed a panel to look at the possibility of offering an amnesty deal to the Islamist insurgents who have killed hundreds. The fake document

titled 'FG's approved Amnesty Charter:' says:

The amnesty package proposed by northern elders and approved by the presidency is as follows:

1. A ministry of Northern affairs must be established like the Niger Delta Ministry.
2. Each Boko haram member who embraces the amnesty will receive an initial cash reward of 3 million naira to start up a business.
3. Boko haram members who embrace the amnesty program will be giving a house by the FG
4. Boko haram leaders who embraced the amnesty program will be giving a cash gift of 20 million naira each and other juicy packages will also follow
5. Selected boko haram members from each zone will be taken abroad for training, just as the Niger delta militants enjoyed.
6. Each boko haram member will be on a monthly salary of N100,000 for a period of 3 years.
7. FG must rebuild borno, yobe and other state they claimed the JTF destroyed.
8. Security contract will be given to Boko haram leaders to secure the north.
8. JTF will be completely withdrawn from the northern states, where boko haram operates.

With all the powers conferred on me as the main Ogbuefi Ndigbo I proclaim:

I am certain this is mischief! It cannot be true. If true, then I will resign from my enviable position as Ogbuefi Ndigbo gburugburu!

Having said the above, Welcome to Nigeria...

MEND = contract worth billions
OPC = contract worth billions
BOKO HARAM = potential amnesty and possible contract worth billions
MASSOB = killing bullets and to be dumped in Ezu River

Meanwhile, MEND, OPC & BOKO HARAM are armed groups while MASSOB is not an armed group. All those 4 groups want sovereign states or resource control.

That's what we call "One Nigeria" in my country.


Eba Okorodudu White POSTED: ''This country amazes me. I thought some people said that GEJ has been the one exploding bombs. Why are some people asking for amnesty? Amnesty for who exactly? For GEJ?''

Moreover, Some Nigerians have gone to town with inconclusive news items on DIALOGUE with possibilities of ''conditional amnesty'' which up till this moment is still INCONCLUSIVE..

"On amnesty, what we discussed is that the general opinion in the country is that amnesty should be factored in to whatever the government is trying to do to overcome the violence that is taking place all over the country and, particularly, in most parts of the North.

"Fortunately, the president is already thinking hard on it and he assured us that there is a special meeting on the matter tomorrow and am sure that something substantial will come out of that meeting," Ango Abdulahi'

THINKING HARD ON IT has suddenly become granting amnesty....? Ever since, the President and the FG have offered DIALOGUE... What is the justification for their asking for amnesty? Who and who have the guts to come out to tell the whole world that he prefers cash for bombing people in churches to 72 virgins in Al Janna? TALL ORDER...?

Suleja Bombing: Suspects were promised 72 virgins each – Witness http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/12/suleja-bombing-suspects-were-promised-72-virgins-each-witness/

Or Western Education is No Longer Sin?

Stars on their shoulders, blood on their hands... Nigerian military war crimes

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