"My Oga At The Top" SAGA and Details


For some days now, the media has been over flooded with the phrase: "my oga at the top", which emanated from the live interview at channels_TV granted Mr. Sham Obafaiye, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps. (NSCDC). Whilst so many have chosen to turn this to a joke, I think it should be

an eye opener for us.

Now, let's glean some lessons from this;

1. Be very conversant with the happenings around you at all times. Ignorance can be deadly!

2. Regardless of your qualification, strive to possess a Sound Interpersonal Communication Skill (IPC). This will prevent you from making incoherent presentations. He was unable to answer any question appropriately!

3. Regardless of the case, be calm, remain yourself. Don't be too "Boss Conscious". This was a challenge the man had. He wanted to please his Boss at all cost, hence, the phrase "My Oga at the top". Refrain from worshiping people! Respect all, fear none. Honor all, worship none!

4. When asked a question and you don't have an answer, please just open up by saying you don't know. Better still, say you'll get back to the person. This led the man to giving "www. nscdc (coughs) that's all!" as the URL for his organization. Don't EVER misinform people!

5. In this jet age, it will be highly calamitous to get ready. Please DON'T GET READY, LIVE READY! The man obviously wasn't expecting the questions asked.

Bear in mind, that this same interview could have boosted Mr. Sham's image if successful. 

Sometimes, the path that leads to success may also lead to failure!

This is a lesson for all

NOTE: Till date, lots of media channels who kept posting the issue as jokes and some publishers who published the story do not know the official website for NSCDC. 

They've been claiming its "www. nscdc .com" but reverse is the case, as such domain does not exist as the official website for NSCDC.

And yet, they are making jest of Mr. Sham, I can tell that; they are still in same shoe with Mr. Sham not knowing the official website yet, and kept making jest of Mr. Sham as "Oga At The Top"

To clarify this issue, I want you all to get familiar with the website URL:


That's the official website, and not "www .nscdc. com" as lots of media channels claimed.



Editors Note:

Garba Shehu wrote: The "oga at the top" saga may sound funny but it has exposed the hallowness, idleness and ineptitude in the Nigerian Public Service. Nigerians have lost focus,because if we use the social media to expose corruption or incidences of corrupt practices like we are doing in the Obafaiye Shem's saga, we would have succeeded in reducing the monumental corruption which is stagnating our progress as a nation.

Stars on their shoulders, blood on their hands... Nigerian military war crimes

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